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Robert Choji Taiani
Kaicho of the Kokusai Sosui-kai & Kancho of the Sosui-kan America.

  1. 1960Started Budo training on January 15th, 1960 in Karate-do and Aiki Jujutsu (Trained in Aiki Jujutsu with Hara Naraki Sensei from 1960 to 1990 and received the Menkyo Chuden).

  2. 1963 – Competed in the 1st Brooklyn Championship.  Won “Best Fighting Spirit” award.

  3. 1964 – Earned the grade of Sho-Dan on April 26th, 1964 in Karate-do and Aiki jujutsu.

  4. 1964-1965 – Performed demonstrations at the New York World’s Fair at the Japanese Pavilion.

  5. 1966 – Long Island’s 1st Goju-ryu Champion in Kata and Kumite.

  6. 1st All-American Goju-ryu Champion in Kumite.

  7. 1967 Performed demonstration in New York with Yamaguchi Gogen Sensei.

  8. 1st Place Champion of the “East Meets West” tournament for performing Seiyunchin Kata.

  9. Trained with Yamaguchi Gosei Sensei at the Goju Kai North American Headquarters in San Francisco.

  10. 1968 By invitation of Yamaguchi Gogen Sensei, Taiani Sensei trained in Tokyo at the Honbu Dojo of the Goju-kai and had Yamaguchi Goshi Sensei as his roommate.

  11. Won 2nd Place in Karate World Championship in Kumite, Light/Heavyweight div.

  12. Became private student of Yamamoto Gonnohyōe Sensei in Tokyo.

  13. Trained in Seipai Kata privately with Toguchi Seikichi Sensei at the Shoreikan Dojo in Tokyo.
  14. Trained in Kumite with the Nihon University Goju-ryu Team.

  15. 1st Place Champion of the Gensenryu Open Tournament for performing Seipai Kata.

  16. Member of the East Coast Goju-kai Karate Team in San Francisco, Ca.

  17. 1969 – Hosted Yamamoto Gonnohyōe Sensei in New York for two months for training with American Goju-ryu students of the IKO, which was headed by Taiani Sensei.

  18. 1969-1981 – Chief Instructor of the Japan Judo/Karate Dojo in Brooklyn, NY.

  19. 1970 – Member of the Champion U.S.A. Karate Team against Canada.

  20. 1973 Trained at the Sosuikan Dojo with Ichikawa Sosui Kensei.  Ichikawa Sosui Kensei’s 1st foreign student.

  21. Won 1st Place at the Goju-ryu Elimination Championship in Kumite.

  22. Won 1st Place at the International Goju-ryu Championship in Kumite.

  23. 1976 – Toured Asia for training and Karate research. Visited Fukien China and met Kung-fu practitioners of a style that resembled Goju-ryu. Also visited Hong Kong and Japan.

  24. 1976-1977 – Trained at the Sosuikan Dojo of Ichikawa Sosui Kensei.

  25. 1977 – Philadelphia Goju-ryu dojo led by Khalid Newton Shihan joins the Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosui-kai.

  26. 1980 – Long Island Kata Champion for performing Shisochin Kata.

  27. Opened Juku Dojo on Long Island.

  28. Performed Demonstration at Temple University in Goju-ryu Karate-do and Aiki Jujutsu.

  29. 1983 Trained at the Sosuikan Dojo and was presented the Koshudo by Ichikawa Sosui Kensei.

  30. **All training with Okinawan Sensei was with express permission from Ichikawa               Kensei.**

  31. 1983 (cont.) – Trained at the Sosuikan Dojo with Ichikawa Sosui Kensei.

  32. By invitation of the President of the Okinawan Goju-kai, Taiani Sensei performed a demonstration of Shisochin Kata at the anniversary of the Shobukan.

  33. 1986 – Trained at the Sosuikan with Ichikawa Sosui Kensei.

  34. Trained in Okinawa at the Shobukan Dojo of Shinjo Masanobu Sensei.

  35. Opened Long Island Dojo in Wantagh, NY.

  36. 1987 – Visited by Yamamoto Gonnohyōe Sensei in New York and bestowed the grade of Hachi-Dan (8th Dan) Hanshi in IKO Goju.

  37. Hosted Yonemoto Kiyoshi Sensei in New York as he trained with our group.

  38. Hosted Toguchi Seikichi Sensei in New York as he trained with our group.

  39. 1988 – Trained at the Sosuikan with Ichikawa Sosui Kensei.  Also trained with Yonemoto Kiyoshi Sensei at the Seibukan dojo and visited Yamamoto Gonnohyōe Sensei.

  40. 1990 – Opened the Sosuikan Dojo (Juku)

  41. 1995-1999 Trained at the Sosuikan Dojo with Ichikawa Sosui Kensei.

  42. 1996 - Founded Ichikawa-Ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosui-kai. 
  43. 1997-1999 Trained privately with Ichikawa Sosui Kensei.

  44. 1999 – Awarded the grade of  Hanshi / Ku-Dan (9th Dan) by Ichikawa Sosui Kensei at the 1999 Gasshuku in Tokyo, Japan.

  45. 2002 – Coached the U.S.A. Karate Team at the All Goju-ryu Championship in Sendai, Japan.  Performed special demonstration for the president of the tournament and was honored to be the 1st foreigner ever presented with the title of Vice President of the event.

  46. Trained at the Sosuikan Dojo with Ichikawa Sosui Kensei.

  47. 2004 – Traveled to Japan to see Ichikawa Kensei for the last time and also visited Yamamoto Gonnohōye Sensei at the IKO Honbu Dojo in Sotokanda, Tokyo.

  48. 2005 March 7th; Ichikawa Kensei passes away in Tokyo. Taiani Sensei was requested to be a pallbearer at the service and to perform the customary task of placing the late Ichikawa Kensei’s remains in the family urn.

  49. 2005 October; Attended memorial service for Ichikawa Sensei hosted by Chiba Kenjiro Sōke, along with Tsubamoto Kazunobu Sensei in Sendai, Japan.

  50. Awarded Ku-Dan (9th Dan) Hanshi from Chiba Kenjiro Sōke, Ju-Dan (10th Dan) and 5th Sōke, Zen Nippon Goju-ryu Karate-do Renmei in Sendai, Japan (Chiba Sōke is the inheritor of Ichikawa Kensei’s Goju-ryu Federation)

  51. 2007 Visited Tsubamoto Kazunobu Sensei’s Dojo in Tokyo.  Presented 2nd Koshudo to account for unexpected loss.

  52. 2008 Tsubamoto Sensei gives Ichikawa Sensei’s Bubishi to Taiani Sensei in Tokyo (Tsubamoto Kazunobu Sensei is the inheritor of the Koshudo of Ichikawa Sosui Kensei)
  53. Hosted a memorial Demonstration for Ichikawa Kensei.

  54. 2009 – Managed the U.S.A Karate Team at the All Goju-ryu Championship in Sendai, Japan.

  55. Visited Tsubamoto Sensei’s Dojo with U.S. Students and enjoyed group classes together.

  56. 2010 Hosted Tsubamoto Sensei in New York along with his students for group training with our Kokusai Sosui-kai Dojo.
  57. 2015 – Robert Choji Taiani is granted membership into the Dai Nippon Butokukai (DNBK) - Kyoto, Japan.

  58. 2016 – Robert Choji Taiani is promoted to Hanshi / Ju-Dan (10th Dan) by Yamamoto Gonnohyōe Sō Shihan, Chief Executive Master of the International Karate-do Organization (IKO) in Tokyo Japan.
  59. Robert Choji Taiani becomes a member of the International Shihan Association headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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